About Perrianno


Perrianno™ was created to provide exclusive men's fashions, trends and styles to the professional man looking to find an alternative quality and branding sense contrary to what you find in department stores. In the 2005 the Perrianno™ brand began to shake the very foundations men's fashion in New York City with our keen fashion sense, limited seasonal productions of men's suits, coats, silk hankies and more. Our once exclusive garments and accessories would soon become available to a much wider base.

In early 2013, Perrianno decided to provide services and products to the public. Since then, the groundwork has been being laid to propel Perrianno into the closets of serious men all over the country and abroad. Our unique style sense can polish any man's appearance. Our premium wool, cashmere, and silk products are inspired and designed by our founder in his life's mission to provide, the A-List and now the public with a unique and unmistakeable appearance.

Our fashion concierge services are available by appointment to serious men living or staying in NYC and the surrounding area. Our online shop allows you to shop for silk accessories such as silk pocket squares and neck ties right from the comfort of your own home. Want to learn more about Perrianno's founder and his team, find out more just below.


Perry El was born in Flushing Queens section of New York City. It was there that his journey in life would begin. His strong fashion sense and style techniques started to develop as early as 12 years old. Throughout his high school years, Perry's fashion sense would develop even more. Which eventually drew the admiration of his peers. By 18 it was clear to Perry that fashion would be one of his many callings in life. The seed was planted, Perry's place as a designer and stylist was coming into fruition.

By age 21, through ambition, networking, street appeal and a little charm, Perry began an apprenticeship that would increase his knowledge in the fashion field. Through experimentation of swatches, fabrics, patterns and materials Perry's passion was developing true. He began producing men's garments, shirts, and accessories, making them available only to inner circles and a-list personalities he would meet in his travels. The Perrianno™ line was born and begin to turn heads. No matter where Perry went his unique style was noticed. Through out the years he would continue to go on to fit thousands of clients with men's suits and matching silk accessories.

In 2009, Perry decided to begin advertising his exclusive services. This meant an accurate portrayal of the Perrianno brand and the production of new, higher quality lines. The Perrianno brand had taken yet another step. A solid team of dedicated individuals were forming. Perry and his team would soon evolve the Perrianno brand and weave it into what it is, a lifestyle. In 2013, Perry set out to publicize his brand even more with the development of the official Perrianno™ website, new productions, premium quality men's garments and accessories that could only be labeled Perrianno™.